1. I: The Individual

Humans and their individual needs as the starting point for shaping digitalization

Desirable Future

Human beings with their needs and abilities are central for the shaping of digitalization. Their participation in and contribution to the common good are important. Digital technologies are used to strengthen people’s freedom, personal responsibility and self-determination. They support active participation in social and professional life. And they enable people to pursue their diverse individual needs, which can include recognition by others and entertainment as well as peace and privacy.

Moreover, digital technology promotes awareness of nature, and of one’s own as well as other people’s analog and digital identity. This contributes to more authenticity on the one hand and to more openness and respect for other lifestyles on the other hand. People use digital communication in a self-determined and context-dependent manner and are aware of its effects on themselves and on others. Support services encouraging the training of skills for dealing with technology and its conscientious use in accordance with human needs are universally accessible and deployed. People are able to embrace digital opportunities without fear and in a disciplined manner. [References to: 5. Education, 6. Health, 10. Community]

Specific Projects

Internet ABC

A playful and safe way to interact with the World Wide Web.

Stiftung Digitale Chancen

Commits to equal opportunities for all people to access the internet and promotes their media literacy.


Informs parents and educators on how children grow up well with media.


Gives advice and information on current or recurring topics related to the internet.

Digitale Helden

Helps schools and families to use digital communication consciously and competently.

You Project Suggestions

Which projects with potentially broad impact fit the vision? Send us your suggestions.

Recommendations for Action

  • Companies/Organizations: Review to which extent your own activities align with this desirable future.
  • Politics: Generate a checklist for regulatory projects from this vision.
  • All: Promote impartial guides for the digital era.
  • Individuals: Develop mindfulness and diverse competencies.

Suitable Indicators

  • Digital technologies lead to [scale] 0 heteronomy to 10 self-determination in society.
  • Digital technologies lead to [scale] 0 low sense of responsibility up to 10 high sense of responsibility in society.

(both indicators are currently being surveyed)