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How can we shape digitalization to improve quality of life as much as possible?


The dialogue process #gutlebendigital improves the basis for decisions in politics, business, civil society and for individuals. Recommendations for action as well as indicators and projects are developed and made accessible - starting with these interim results.


#gutlebendigital applies proven methods from futures research and organizational development to reveal and connect the participants' collective intelligence: Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Futures Literacy Labs, but also reports and presentations.


The two-year dialogue process involves citizens and experts on quality of life and digitalization from civil society, science, politics, business, etc. Opinion leaders and stakeholders with a variety of perspectives are connected with each other.

#Need: Digitalization already has considerable impact on people's quality of life, democracy, and the future viability of our societies. It raises new and old questions about self- and co-determination, participation, and security. So far, however, digitalization is still discussed largely without taking into account the insights from quality of life research. At the same time, digitalization is hardly visible in the discourse about quality of life (overview with 10 topics in German). It is time to connect these discourses in an open dialogue process.

#Host: Dialogue processes require a neutral and methodically competent coordinator who can bring the different perspectives and stakeholders together. Since 2009, the non-profit think tank Center for Societal Progress e.V. has been developing new ways and methods to improve people's quality of life. We have led our own processes (e.g. Positive Futures - Forum for Frankfurt and Zukunftsmodell Soziale Marktwirtschaft) and were actively involved in major federal government processes (Dialogue on Germany's Future and Wellbeing in Germany).


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