12. Politics & Administration

Digitalization strengthens democracy and improves societal decisions

Desirable Future

Digitalization is used to strengthen democracy, improve social decision-making processes and promote mutual trust. Well-informed and politically educated citizens, a free press and open politicians are engaged in fruitful dialogue offline and online at all levels, thus strengthening the collective intelligence of society. This makes the diversity of human needs, preferences and lifestyles visible so that these can be taken into account in decisions. New or adapted laws and regulations react in a timely fashin to the opportunities and risks arising from technological progress, e.g. in the education and health sectors.

Taking data protection and accessibility serious, digital technologies are used in as many places as possible: Citizens have online access to government services and information. With digitalization, the administration is simplifying its internal processes; it is linking and using more and more data to simulate future developments, prepare decisions transparently and measure their impact. Local diversity and experimental spaces are valued and promoted – and at the same time fruitful cooperation between the various levels of government – from local to global – is lived. [References to all other topics]

Specific Projects

Open Government

Makes the work of politics, government, administration, and justice more open, transparent, participatory, and cooperative.

Liquid Democracy

For a democratic culture, in which participation is a matter of course for everyone.

Open Petition

Free and non-profit platform on which citizens can make a common concern public.

Kommunale Digitallotsen (Municipal Digital Guides)

Encourage administrative staff to become enthusiastic about digitalization and connect with other municipalities.

Frag den Staat (Ask the State)

Portal for freedom of information.

Ethical Digital Standards

Digital policy for cities that focus on people and want more open, transparent and collaborative governance.

Recommendations for Action

  • Individual: Inform yourself, take an interest, contribute.
  • Politicians/administration: Strengthen digital literacy, utilize participation.
  • Press: Free and critical reporting.
  • Companies: Transparent commitment to the common good.

Suitable Indicators

  • Percentage of people aged 16 to 74 who have used the internet in the last 3 months to participate in consultations or votes on citizens’ affairs or policy issues: DE 12% (2016; IS 26%)
  • Country maturity index for open data [scale 0 to 1]: DE 0.64 (2018; IE 0.88)
  • How satisfied are you with the digital offers of your city administration? -5 to +5