Participants | #gutlebendigital

The dialogue process #gutlebendigital makes different perspectives visible and brings them into the exchange. For this, we use different approaches and methods. In the first, opening phase of the individual interviews and events, we actively addressed a wide variety of people. While the initiative there usually came from the team #gutlebendigital, in the online survey all people had the opportunity to get involved on their own initiative and thus further increase the diversity and the resilience of the results. Participants with the most interesting answers will receive invitations to our future event on October 22, 2018, where they will discuss further together.

Between November 2017 and March 2018 a questionnaire with these 4 questions was activated, which were also asked in the individual interviews and at the events:

  1. Where do you currently see the positive effects of Digitalization on people's quality of life?
  2. In which areas doesDigitalization not yet have the hoped-for influence on quality of life or even negative consequences?
  3. Please describe an ideal future from your point of view: where and how doesDigitalization have a positive effect on the quality of life?
  4. Who would have to do what to move towards this ideal future?

40 people answered these questions online or via the postcards. Some short, others very detailed. The answers were not generally visible but were sent directly to the evaluation team. A third of the respondents were women. Half of them were over 50 years old. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their commitment. This resulted in a total of 270 entries in the database, more than a fifth of all entries.

In the next, more in-depth phase of the process, the interim results (visions, suggestions for action, indicators and suitable projects) on the various topics will also be presented online for discussion and invited for further development. Please subscribe to our newsletter (right column) if you would like to be informed.