2. Fundamentals

Digital technologies are used for more participation, openness and diversity - and coherent rules are set

Desirable Future

In the future, the technical, human and legal prerequisites will be so strengthened that digitalization will strengthen the development and maturity of the individual as well as successful coexistence. The technical basis for this is reliable, fast and low-threshold access to digitalization.

Digital technologies will be used by individuals, companies and policy makers to facilitate full participation and inclusion. A healthy balance will be found between data protection and the added value that can be created by combining data. In order to keep the digital divide as small as possible, the needs of the disadvantaged are given special attention. All stakeholders are open to new ideas and experiments. Products, processes and algorithms are as open as possible so that users can understand them and monopolies are avoided.

Successful digitalization enables a high degree of diversity, which in turn strengthens innovation and resilience. To this end, decentralized structures are helpful, which in turn increase the reliability of the overall system. Communication and cooperation between different actors are facilitated by agreement on common rules, norms and standards. [References to: 1. I: The Individual, 5. Education, 12. Politics & Administration]

Specific Projects

Prototype Fund for Open-Source

Funds open source projects for an open and free internet with BMBF grants.

Open Access

Scientific publications are freely available to the public.


Builds a decentralized cloud that belongs to and is operated by users.


Together against cyberbullying and for more respect on the net: Young people help young people.

Your Project Suggestion

Which projects with potentially broad impact fit the vision? Send us your suggestions.

Recommendations for Action

  • Policy: Expand infrastructure.
  • All: Promote diversity and alternatives.
  • All: Prefer open solutions.
  • All: Consider decentralized solutions more

Suitable Indicators

  • Percentage of households using broadband access: DE 90.3% (2018; NL 97.3%)
  • Digital technologies lead to [scale] 0 adaptation to 10 diversity in society. (Currently being surveyed)

(Indicators on participation and openness are still lacking)