4. Leisure, Arts & Culture

Digital technologies offer easier and more diverse access to culture and leisure activities

Desirable Future

Digital technologies offer easier and more diverse access to other people, networks, cultures and leisure activities. In this way, cultural and artistic exchange and active engagement with culture become broader and more intensive. For niche hobbyists and special interests, this opens up more opportunities and better interconnectedness. It will be easier for everyone to become creative and make & create.

People can deal with the many possibilities in a self-determined way and remain in relationship with others. They consciously choose between digital and analogue encounters, offers and times – and combine them wherever it makes sense. The providers use the possibilities of digital technologies for the co-creation and visualization of art. [References to: 1. I: The Individual, 3. Work & Economy, 10. Community]

Specific Projects

Open Culture

Provides high quality cultural and educational media for lifelong learners.


Collaborative software and hardware development events.

Digitorial Städel

Digital exhibitions with multimedia digitorials.


Companions with and without disabilities benefit as a team from discounted tickets for events and travel.

Maker Community

Making things together instead of just consuming.

Your Project Suggestion

Which projects with potentially broad impact fit the vision? Send us your suggestions.

Recommendations for Action

  • Individuals: Dealing with online vs. offline possibilities. Become active.
  • Provider: Use digital possibilities.
  • Politics: Look at the breadth of offers and possibilities (long tail).

Suitable Indicators

  • In your spare time have you found a good balance between the use of digital offers and offline possibilities? Good balance – quite a lot online – not enough online
  • Do you use digital applications to design your offline leisure time? Daily – once a week – sometimes – never.