10. Community

Digital and analog possibilities allow more people access to and participation in the community

Desirable Future

The increasing possibilities of communication and interconnection through digitalization allow people of all ages and income groups to access and participate in the community. Digital forums and projects are used in addition to analog meeting places to strengthen interpersonal trust and cohesion and to promote the common good. Digital means of communication enable sharing and shaping, mutual help and exchange. They facilitate cooperation. People participate in target-oriented social discourses via digital and analog platforms. Diversity in society is supported by digital opportunities, as are equal opportunities, respect, tolerance, inclusion and the integration of people. Despite the always existing filter bubbles and social comparisons, a peaceful, respectful and understanding communication is dominant in the digital space. [References to: 1. I: The Individual, 2. Fundamentals, 12. Politics & Administration]

Specific Projects


Open, free software as operating system for the city society: curated and little commerce (model: Stud.IP).

Magic Leap

Where digital respects the physical. And they work together to make life better.


A social app that quickly brings people in the area together to help each other.


Alternative Social Network

Keiner bleibt allein

Targets the topic of loneliness and wants to bring people closer together again.

Your Project Suggestion

Which projects with potentially broad impact fit the vision? Send us your suggestions.

Recommendations for Action

  • Individuals: Use options (see specific projects).
  • State: Support meeting platforms.

Suitable Indicators

  • Trust in fellow human beings [scale from 0 to 10]: DE 5.5 (2013; DK: 8.3)
  • Digital technologies lead to [scale] 0 division to 10 cohesion in society. (Currently being surveyed)