8. Transport & Mobility

Simpler, safer, faster, more environmentally friendly and interconnected mobility for people and goods.

Desirable Future

Digitalization enables simpler, safer, faster, greener, more individual and interconnected mobility for people and goods. Mobility relevant data is permanently collected, evaluated and made available in various forms for individual and governmental mobility planning. Travel time, costs and environmental impact become more comparable. In order to reduce air and noise pollution, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and rental systems receive special attention. To protect the data, providers and users work together in a spirit of trust.

The forward-looking use of digital technologies facilitates and requires diverse interconnection: The transitions between different forms of mobility are simplified - among other things through the expansion of the physical infrastructure necessary for this. Intelligent driver assistance systems increase energy efficiency, road safety and the performance of the overall system. Supra-regional urban development integrates mobility, living and working in an overall concept and accelerates the planning and implementation of infrastructures by linking data. In addition, permanent citizen participation helps both online and offline. Digital possibilities such as teleworking, teleeducation and telemedicine are slowing down the growth of overall traffic. Electronic tickets for all modes of transport facilitate and accelerate payments. More and more people are in a position to use all these services competently and concentrated, regardless of location. [References to: 3. Work & Economy, 7. Environment, 9. housing]

Specific Projects


Openstreetmap is an open way of navigation

Electric Scooter

Sharing of electric scooters like emmy or unu.


App for Mobility

An app that connects all forms of transport, including information on CO2 and noise pollution.


Electric vertical take-off copters should help cities to solve their growing mobility problems.


Creates an on-demand transport system that is efficient & economical and personal & fast.


Your Project Suggestion

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Recommendations for Action

  • Policy & Administration: Keep access barriers low for all forms of mobility. Consider resource and space consumption by forms of mobility.
  • Companies/Organizations: Take account of access, environmental and spatial aspects in mobility projects (in addition to safety, economic efficiency etc.).
  • Individual: Consider resource consumption of mobility.

Suitable indicators

  • Do you use Sharing Services for Mobility?

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